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    Reading/Writing/Social Studies

    reading and writing project


    Math: We use Envisions Math, which provides students with instruction that emphasizes real world situations. Online Lessons include time for whole group instruction, small group, partner and individual activities. In partnership with the Explorations in Math program, we are creating a culture where teachers discuss math with other teachers and plan lessons together.  All teachers have been trained to teach the new Common Core Math standards that have been adopted by 47 states. 

    Science: All our teachers have been trained in the use of the district's new NGSS Amplify Science kits for their grade level. Inquiry based science is taught which requires our students to use the scientific method and reflect on their learning in their science writing journals.  This is a hands on science program that keeps our kids mentally engaged.

    Technology: Our teachers integrate the use of different forms of technology to aid their instruction. Our kids also use those forms of technology to research, create and present their projects.

    Primary Practice for Map testing
    Warm-Up Demo

    4th and 5th Grade Interactive math study

    New for Next year.  Take a look at this and share your results with Mr. Davis.  Great tool for all.

    Summer Computer Skills